Software Product Development

Software Product Development – The Market Readiness Factor Č While there is certainly software development performed at both solved sporting goods outlets as well as car washes there is something that goes much further than the typical gadget you’d buy inning stores or on the Internet. The secret lies in Continue Reading

3 Agile Software Testing Formats

Agile entails a specific set of methods for producing a quality software application, but regardless of which methodology encounters, it is easier to plan, execute and improve the process with the consent from all project participants. Despite the common notion that Agile implies a break from planning and traditional coding, Continue Reading

Canine Hip Dysplasia

Canine hip dysplasia is a congenital condition and is the leading cause of lameness in the rear legs of dogs. The disease usually develops in pets less than a year old, but it can occur in pets a year or more older. Hip dysplasia is characterized by a shallow acetabulum Continue Reading

Dog Training Exercise

Training of a dog is best done in a controlled environment. This is not always easy to do especially when the environment may not allow a specific atmosphere for training exercises. Separation from this environment may cause your dog to be distracted and forget what the training is all about. Continue Reading